SCMC Experiences Data Breach

Eldorado, Texas (May 24, 2024) – Schleicher County Medical Center and Schleicher County Family Clinic (SCMC) experienced a computer breach on March 13, 2024, that may have exposed information about hospital or clinic patients.

The breach occurred as a result of a hacking incident affecting the email account of a single employee.  An audit of the email account subsequently revealed that some combination of patient name, date treated, and name of a test, medication or treatment ordered could have been viewed by an unauthorized third party. 

“We take the privacy of our patients very seriously,” said Billie Carter, hospital administrator, “and took action to shut down the affected email account within minutes after the intrusion was identified.”   

While SCMC has no reason to believe that this information was actually viewed, the hospital has sent letters to each patient notifying them of the breach.    

Current addresses were not available for 15 of the patients potentially impacted by the breach. 

If you feel you may have been one of these patients or if you received a letter and have questions about the breach, call Schleicher County Medical Center at (325) 853-2507 and ask for Beverly Minor.

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